Bar Absinthe

Bar Absinthe

Curious? Try It!
Bar Absinthe

The 1893 Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair in Chicago), introduced electricity to the World. As the story goes 16 Bars were built for the Anheuser Busch Family to hawk their beers at the Fair. Upon arrival to the Fairgrounds, our bar being one of the sixteen, had three holes were drilled into the eyes and mouth of the Lion’s Head in the center of the backbar. Three lightbulbs were inserted thus giving birth to the World’s First Electric Backbars.

In 1997, a gentleman came in and asked if I knew the story behind the Bar. After I explained what I knew, he asked if I knew who built the bars? I told him I did not. He said, “They were built by Charles Passo, my grandfather.” So, now we have the entire story.

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